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Quality Traffic vs Junk Traffic – Which Business Model Is Suitable For You?

Quality Traffic
Jesse Waheed
Written by Jesse Waheed

Targeted traffic is way more valuable than low quality traffic

You have probably heard it a million times: high traffic = more money. Well, this is partly true but you have to realize that not all traffic is the same. Targeted traffic is way more valuable than low quality traffic. Targeted visitors are already in the buying frame of mind and hence they converts way more easily.


Here is a simple example to help you understand better. Say your domain name is a misspelt version of a mega-popular website like You will probably get hundreds of thousands of visitors per month – but all of them are literally worthless because as soon as they realize that they are on the wrong website, they will hit the back button. So despite receiving high traffic, such a website will barely make any money. On the other hand, if you have a niche website that receives just a couple hundred targeted visitors per day, you have a real chance of earning a substantial income provided you are not relying solely on Adsense.

Some websites rely on quantity, others rely on quality – both types of websites make money. It is up to you to decide which type of business model you prefer. Buzzfeed makes millions of dollars per year. It does not receive high quality traffic – The people who visit buzzfeed are not looking to buy anything. They might end up clicking ads which are interesting to them and buzzfeed might earn a few cents if they do so. However, since the website receives 15 million visitors per month, the cents add up to 60 million dollars per year! However, you have to take into account the fact that buzzfeed employs tens of professionals who work round the clock to keep the site up to date.


If you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur, you are much better off relying on quality rather than quantity. Say your business is based in Las Vegas and you are a used car dealer. If you optimise your site well, it is fairly easy to rank highly for the keywords �used cars las vegas’. Even if you receive just 200 visitors per day, it is highly probably that most of them are serious buyers who are indeed looking for second hand cars in Vegas. Even if you make one sale, you will still earn a few hundred bucks! However, if you employ a business model that relies on quantity rather than quality, you will have to work much harder to make that same amount since your earnings per visitor are very, very low (a few cents per visitor at best!)

The bottom line is that junk traffic is worth 1 to 20 cents per click while targeted traffic is worth 3 to 300 dollars per click. You decide which type of traffic you want to attract. Both are doable and both types of websites make money. However, in the beginning, targeted traffic has a definite edge in the battle between quality traffic vs low quality traffic. Building a website like buzzfeed is definitely not a one-man-job!

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You also have to be very careful in selecting your niche. If you go too narrow – you might not make the desired amount of money even if you rank very highly in search engine results. Say your website theme is vegan sugarless cakes. Such types of cakes appeal to a very small percentage of the population and hence, the niche does not have much potential to generate a high income. Still, you can increase your chances of building a lucrative business if you optimize your website for a specific location. In this case you have to target the keywords – Vegan Sugarless cake San Francisco (or your city). This way, you can reach out to customers in your vicinity and get orders from them. You can also improve the earning potential of your website drastically if you go for a similar but more appealing niche such as healthy deserts. This niche enables you to target a wider demographic and tap into the lucrative fat loss industry. Note that not many people are looking to go vegan but millions are trying to lose weight. These people might appreciate desserts which provide them with the opportunity to indulge without affecting the scales too much!

Google is the number one source for high quality traffic on the web. It has all the tools that are required for targeting your specific demographic. However, with a bit of clever research, you can also turn social media websites into a high quality traffic source. Take Pinterest or Facebook for example. If your website theme is vegan sugarless cake, you can focus on your target audience based on their likes, dislikes, groups joined, occupation, hobbies, age, education and other metrics. You might not be able to sell the actual cake to all of them because of geographical constraints. However, you might be able to sell a recipe book or cooking equipment on Amazon.

Say you are a property dealer in LA. Even if you have to shell out 50 bucks for an ad and advertise for thirty ads, you will spend 1500 bucks in all. According to statistics, such a campaign will generate about 5 high quality leads (20%), which in turn should produce one sale. A single sale might generate 5 to 10 thousand dollars for you (depending upon the cost of the property and your cut). Hence, you will make 3.5k to 8.5 in profit notwithstanding the high advertising costs!

Please note: Advertising costs should not exceed 30% of your total expenditure.

When you are starting an online business you have to ask yourself 3 important questions:

  1. What am I selling? Are you selling products, services or advertisements?
  2. Does my business depend on high quality traffic vs low quality traffic?
  3. What is my budget? What will it take to build a successful business on my budget?

These questions will help you to get rid of ambiguity and doubt. They will also help you remain focussed and realistic.

Hopefully, this article has shed light on some crucial aspects of traffic generation, niche selection and money-management. Many people ignore these aspects and fail their attempts. However, since you are armed with this important knowledge, you have the tools to set up a flourishing business!

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Jesse Waheed

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