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[REAL REVIEW] – Easy Sketch Pro 3 review to see if it is Any Good?

Easy Sketch Pro 3 Review to see if is any good
William Sumner
Written by William Sumner

In the world of online marketing, video is king. According to HubSpot, 67 percent of online marketers have found success with online video marketing and 18 percent found online video marketing very successful.

Needless to say, anyone who is serious about marketing their business or website online is going to have to think about making an online video and what kind of software to use to make it happen.

One of the more popular online video marketing programs that has been generating a considerable amount of buzz is the Easy Sketch Pro; which just released version 3.0 on September 15 of this year.

Thus far, the reviews have been pretty positive; but with all things, sometimes the hype can be overblown.

So is an Easy Sketch Pro 3 review to see if it is any good or is it just an overhyped program? Today, I’ll review!

What Does Easy Sketch Pro 3 Do?

The most important question to any product is “What does it do?” And the answer for Easy Sketch Pro is that it helps you generate something called a “Whiteboard Animation” video; which is a video where a creative story with pictures drawn on a whiteboard while the animator films themselves drawing it.

These whiteboard animation videos have been hugely popular in the last several years, and have gotten huge results for many business owners. The downside is it is extremely expensive to create a whiteboard animation, often in the thousands of dollars.

That’s where Easy Sketch Pro comes in. You simply drag and drop text, images, and audio into your video and Easy Sketch Pro will “build” the video to make it look like someone is drawing it. If you’ve even worked with Canva, it’s like that but with videos.



How can we trust your Easy Sketch Pro 3 Review

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Past the main feature of building a whiteboard animation video, Easy Sketch Pro offers a wide selection of other features that can really help you maximize the impact of your videos. For starters; there are hundreds of stock images, audio files, and customizable buttons that you can put anywhere on your video.

Probably the feature that has been getting the most buzz is its “interactive feature” that allows users to add “hotspots” into the video that users can interact with. You place hotspots anywhere in the video and adjust for when it appears and for how long.

With this feature you can insert into the video links to auto responders like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendreach, and Campaign Monitor. I was a little disappointed that it doesn’t support the auto responder I like to use, Active Campaign and Infusionsoft, but that is far from a deal breaker for me.

You can also add links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and just about any social media page you can think of; as well as your logo. Easy Sketch Pro even allows you to insert phone numbers that views can click and automatically call.

That is a huge plus, especially when you consider that 72 percent of online video traffic is expected to come from mobile devices by 2019.


All in all, Easy Sketch Pro 3 is a solid program that definitely deserves a look. Even if you’re not a fan of whiteboard animations, the sheer ease and customizability of the program is enough to warrant a hard look.

It’s a bit disappointing that it does not support every auto responder, but it’s far from being a critical flaw in the program.

For those wanting to use online video marketing for their business, I would recommend giving Easy Sketch Pro 3 a try.


As this is a Software we we would recommend trying.

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We hope you enjoyed this Easy Sketch Pro 3 Review.

Easy Sketch Pro 3

Easy Sketch Pro 3

Insertable auto responders


Able to link webinar registration form from GoTo Webinar


URL redirects with calls to action


Tap to call - have leads phone you directly from the video


Play mp3's in your videos


Video Analytics



  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizeable
  • Great for online marketing


  • Limited support for autoresponders

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William Sumner

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