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6 Life Hacks that ensure you get the very best result in your day

Jesse Waheed
Written by Jesse Waheed

Web Income Magazine is all about helping you build your business online, and get the very best result. So you can live your dreams, have more time for your family and be independent of the fears normal people go through in their jobs.

But it is naïve to think you don’t need to incorporate other aspects in your life that will help you stay positive, be more productive, because staying in control of your mental is more important to us, than everybody else. This is how to be ahead of the game.

I am a licensed hypnotherapist, and I am passionate about the mind, psychology, health and internet marketing, making as much money as I can.

So here is a few Life Hacks I have discovered, that I incorporate into my life and my business that keeps things balanced.

Working from home is both a blessing, and a curse, and to avoid the problems, here is a list of 12 Life Hacks.

  1. When you first wake up, say this affirmation out loud at least 20 times.

Morning Mirror affirmations

You are stronger than you think…

Most people wake up and check their phone, but that does not give your mind a chance to prepare for the day.

A famous hypnosis technique is to say to yourself out loud:

Every day, in every way, my life gets better and better

Say this aloud, with passion, and repeat it 20 times. For better results, look in the bathroom mirror in your own eyes. By looking into your own eyes, this will intensify the feeling.

This was developed by Milton Ericsonian, the father of Hypnosis, and the magic of this statement, is that is convinces your subconscious mind to believe that life is getting better and better for you, even if you don’t feel it to be true.

It sets up your day to be positive, productive, and your mind to embrace the day. It Works !!!

Challenge: Try this for at least 14 days, and tell us the results you feel. Comment below about your personal results.

You can also say this affirmation if you are having a hard day, and feeling frustrated. It will calm you down.

2. Start your day with a Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Start Your Day with a health kick

Start Your Day with an Energy Hit

Start your day properly, by having a fresh fruit smoothie, with some oats.

It’s filling, healthy and delicious, and sets you up for the rest of the day with lots of energy.

Throw away your sugar cereals, because they will give you a sugar rush with lots of energy and then you will crash and have mood swings… and it stops you from thinking properly.

I use frozen blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, kiwi fruit and mango. Use your favourite fruit to make it perfect for you.

Load your smoothie up with Superfoods, like almonds, flaxseeds, chia, quinoa, goji berries, acai, kale and spinach. You do this to ensure you get all the nutrition for the day, in 1 hit… without even tasting it.

HACK2: Put some additional SuperFood Ingredients into your smoothie, because once it’s mixed in with your smoothie, you cannot even taste it…

  • Green Powder which 1 spoon is equivalent to 1 kg of green vegetables, which usually tastes disgusting…. But cant even taste it in your smoothie
  • Liquorice Tea Powder – Makes you feel less stress, and increases your libido which usually tastes disgusting…. But can’t even taste it in your smoothie.
  • Green Tea – Add a little green tea into your smoothie for flavor and for weight loss and additional POW of vitamins.
  • Immuno Boost Powder – This is a concentrate of vitamins to help you stay strong and healthy with powerful immune system which usually tastes disgusting…. But can’t even taste it in your smoothie.
  • Herbal Tea – Add some other herbal tea for any special needs you have.

I use this special blender which is usually advertised on TV, it takes me about 3-4 minutes to get the ingredients ready, and 10 seconds to blend it all together. The blender cup has a handle which makes it easy to transport.

3. Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning.

Meditate for 10 minutes a day

Meditate for 10 minutes a day

Many successful entrepeneurs talk about how for 10 minutes every morning, they close their eyes, listen to soft music and imagine their goals, dreams and aspirations in a meditative state.

This is exceptional for clarity, as keeping your mind focused on the bigger picture is a powerful way of reprogramming your brain for success.

This will help you not get caught up in the obstacles, issues, and everyday dramas, as your mind is clear and focused on your goals.

4. Stand on Vibration Machine for 10 minutes

do 10 minutes a day with a vibration machine

Do 10 minutes a day with a vibration machine, and your excersize is done !

I am lazy when it comes to exercise, and recently discovered the most effective way to do my daily exercise, I just stand on a machine for 10 minutes…

Every 10 minutes you stand on this machine, is worth 1 hour in the Gym… and it works for every muscle in your body.

It uses vibrations, which run through your body, and works each muscle, without the work.

I love it !!!

10 minutes a day while watching the morning show on TV, and my body is kept in good shape.

For us internet marketers who work from home, at their desk, we gotta watch out about neglecting the body.

5. Listen to a book in the Car

Usually when I gotta drive somewhere, I listen to the radio and it is usually funny interesting celebrity news, and pop radio, which I will admit is fun. Sometimes I listen to the more intelligent radio stations that discuss topics of society, politics, news, and life.

Listen to books through the Car stereo

Listen to books through the Car stereo. Maximum Efficiency

It’s better, but nowadays I want to get the best results from any downtime, and I consider driving as a waste.

Now, I load my phone up with an mp3 of an ‘Audiobook’ I downloaded, or I use the APP Scribd and find an audio book that I can learn from.

I connect my phone to the radio by a cable, and I listen to the book while I drive.

I finish a book every 3 days, which amounts to over 100+ books a year…

Most people never read more than 5 books a year, and I would NEVER read 100 books a year…

So this method is amazing, to use wasted time to learn something new… !

6. Play hypnosis in your sleep.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to reprogram your mind for success.

Listen to Hypnosis in your sleep

Listen to Hypnosis in your sleep

For example, if you are lacking in ‘Self Belief’, for the 8 hours when you’re asleep, you can play a hypnosis download mp3 on repeat which will tell your subconscious to ‘Believe in Yourself’.

This works for any problem you have, and I have been using it for the last 2 years.

8 hours a day x 365 days x 2 years = 5,840 hours of mental reprogramming.

I have tried to listen to hypnosis during the day, but after 20 minutes I am bored and want to get on with the day. I never would have gotten through 5,000 hours of it.

Listening to hypnosis at night, is such a great idea because it takes wasted time, and I use it to improve my mental weaknesses.

I usually get my hypnosis here,  and I CUT the intro & ending… so I go through the night without any disturbance to my sleep.

Hypnosis helps almost every problem you can have, and there is over 800+ to choose from.

As a gift, if you buy hypnosis I will personally CUT out the
intro and ending (induction & awakener) so it won’t disturb your sleep.

Final Thoughts: These Life Hacks are for the purpose of Mind + Body + Learning, but not about making you money. There is plenty of content on how to do that, but I think true success is having balance with all of it, so I thought it was important to share this information.

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