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6 Free Image Editors – Save Money on Graphic Designers !

Save Money on Image Editing
Jesse Waheed
Written by Jesse Waheed

Free Online Image Editors are VERY useful, because they Save Money !!!

Even by outsourcing graphic design to cheap labor in Philippines or Fiverr, the expenses add up.

Usually image editing takes days and the results are disappointing… These 7 tools will never truly replace a quality graphic designer, but they will sure make your life easier…


The main advantage of using Free Image Editors Online, is that they do not require you to install software or buy and learn expensive software and you can use them from any computer that has internet access.


Once again, a quick reminder that each tool will serve a very specific purpose…

If you thought Instagram improved images with cool lenses, image effects and features, then is really going to impress you.


You can easily upload an image when you click “Pixlr Express” on the bottom right hand side of the homepage. And it adds so many cool variations to choose from.

Main Use:

I use it for blog posts, I edit a stock photo and a few minutes later it looks as though a graphic designer edited it.

I will resize the image and crop it, add a cool border, effect, tagline and I am done… Quick, simple, attractive and FREE.


Free Image Editor - Pixlr

What I love about it:

  • No need to sign up, sign in or download anything. Just use it !!!
  • Has amazing image effects
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Very Fast to load, and use. Never freezes my browser
  • Has everything you could want, image resize, crop, colour, bright, cool borders, etc.

What I dislike about it:

  • Very little, it’s awesome !!!
  • It has a lot of image editing options, so I can often spend 3 x the time perfecting my images than I should.

Canva is an image editing online software that gives you everything that you need to quickly turn your ideas into stunning designs.

I don’t personally like much but my friends love it. This is the the ultimate tool for the novice designer, and those who want to create their own graphics (not just edit images).


Free Image Editors - Canva


It allows you to choose text, add images, patterns, shapes, style and icons. Move them around using the drag and drop interface to your liking… Very versatile tool.


The end result is a half decent image that looks like it may have been designed by a Professional… Unless your a crappy designer and then it will look like it was made by a crappy designer.


It creates designs for print or The web: presentations, blog graphics, Facebook covers, posters, flyers, invitations and others. This software is online and free to use. You are required to search for the best photos, graphics, and fonts, or you can upload your own. One of the advantages is the drag and drop tool to create a design.


You can design with the range of hundreds of free elements and fonts, to choose from in the canva library that apparently has millions of images to choose from.


Verdict: It is an excellent tool to save money, and get the work done instantly and semi professionally. I would still rather outsource graphic design to a professional graphic designer from Philippines, as I know I would spend several hours perfecting my work for $10 – $20.

As even at minimum wage in Australia, two hours of my time is worth $50, and the result is usually a little bit ordinary. But some people make some really great designs with Canva.

So the question is, are you a graphic designer and you don’t know it ? – For InfoGraphics

There are many types of Infographics software out there, but most people just use excel for creating bar charts, Microsoft Powerpoint or Microsoft word for improving the visual appearance, but usually they tear their hear out before they have finished… is a blessing for anyone who wants to create an infographic to communicate to their audience.



ReciteThis allows you to make quotes in seconds.

You add the text and they will provide the background, and fancy text. With only a few seconds and a few words, you can make something that inspires people. This is a perfect solution for my blog posts, or facebook page, twitter or pinterest.



Step 1


Recite This

Step 2

Recite This Review




Social Image Resizer Tool

This website makes life so much easier… It is a free online image resizer tool that allows you upload an image, and then resize it to the dimensions of your social network sites.

So many times, I have googled ‘Facebook Cover Dimensions’, and gone through the headache of resizing, cropping and fiddling around with it. What about “Youtube Cover Page Dimensions” or “Google + Profile Pic Dimensions”….. the list goes on.

The online software is super simple to use. Resizing, cropping and making sure it looks perfect for your social sites, all done online without software installation.


Here are the Sizes to choose from…

  • Custom (use the mouse to size the selection box)
  • Facebook cover photo (850×315)
  • Facebook icon (180×180)
  • Twitter icon (400×400)
  • Twitter header image (1500×500)
  • Google+ icon (200×200)
  • Google+ cover photo (1080×608)
  • 100×100 (common forum/profile sized icon)
  • 50×50 (common forum/profile sized icon)
  • 48×48 (common icon size)
  • 32×32 (common icon size)
  • 24×24 (common icon size)
  • 16×16 (common icon size)
  • Favicon
  • User Input (on the keyboard, manually set custom width and height dimensions)

Once the crop area and image size is selected, click the Format dropdown list to select an output format. Options include:

  • JPG (best for photos)
  • PNG
  • GIF (not suitable for photos)
  • ICO (used for creating a favicon.ico file)






This is my personal favourite software in the world, and I use it every day… Love it Love it Love it

MWSnap is a window program that is small yet very powerful for capturing images from a selected part of a screen.

It is a windows software, and I have configured it so that I can press F7 and it will take a screenshot for me (and I choose the specific area).

Cool Tip:


This tool also allows me to:

> Measure dimensions for space I need to fill   (ie. 450px X 499px)

> It’s colour picker allows to pick a colour from the screen and find the exact HTML colour.

> Create new images by simply taking screen snapshots.

> On Skype and talking to my assistant, I can take a quick screenshot (F7), press copy and paste into skype. Makes communication easy.


This software is fantastic for many reasons, but mainly to make life easier…


PS: The images used on this page, were all taken with this software.

Place it is a website where you can upload your photo, and the user can choose from over 660 free templates to put their image on.

What makes it cool, is it gives the image REAL LIFE feel, as if you have taken to the streets with your camera, and looks very organic.

Very easy too,

1. Just upload your image,

2. Choose a templates you like


Placeit produces the finished image for you to download and use.

Placeit is a free to register for and to download small mockup image, with a premium version for those would want all the bells and whistles.


Added Benefit: It gives your image that social aspect, and that is quite powerful in Internet Marketing.

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