Category - Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is the way online advertise works.

There is a price for each click to your website. The price differs based on keyword, country of traffic, industry, and level of competition on those keywords.

Search Engines is where the majority of Pay Per Click advertising occurs, with Google Adwords being the King of online advertising. Advertising on some keywords can cost upwards of $50 even to $350 per click.

However, there are other ways to advertise online, with Facebook Ads allowing you to advertise on metrics like ‘Age’ / ‘Education’ / ‘Community Groups Joined’ / ‘Likes’.

The main difference between the two types of Advertising Networks is ‘Push / Pull’
When someone goes to Google and types in Dentist in Dallas, they are looking to hire a Dentist to perform a service. Just need to ‘Pull’ them into your website, and sell to them.

Whereas advertising on Facebook, you need to “Push” your services to people who live in Dallas, and are aged over 45, who ‘Like’ Chocolate/Coca Cola, and have ‘College’ Education. Much more difficult…

These are just 2 of the Advertising Networks available, and there are over 30 advertising networks to choose from.