Category - Growth Hacking

Growth hacking can simply be described as a form of marketing, but with a
distinct set of challenges to overcome and unique tools to work with.
Growth hackers use creativity, product engineering and analytical
thinking to rapidly and remarkably increase the company’s fundamental

Unlike ordinary marketers, growth hackers try to bring about
exponential growth within the shortest time possible. Because classic
marketing has had interruptive effects on people’s lives, growth hacking
entails understanding user behavior to create product pull.

hackers wrap marketing messages into the fabric of users’ lives without
inducing media fatigue. They try to leverage across several disciplines
such as gaming and behavioral economics to obtain the right message to
bring in more users of a product.

They disregard the rules and norms,
think outside the box and find new ways of solving emergent problems.
Growth hackers can grow an unknown start-up from zero to a hundred
million users in a few years.

Examples of such astronomical growth
include Groupon, Pinterest, Dropbox and Instagram. Common tools used in
growth hacking include search engine optimization, email marketing,
content marketing and paid acquisitions (search engine marketing and
affiliate marketing) among others.