Category - Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating valuable
content for a target audience. By creating value, it helps drive
profitable customer interactions. And although the term “content
marketing” is one that gets thrown around a lot in the digital
advertising sphere, it’s been around long before the internet ever
existed. In 1895, one of the earliest but most prolific modern examples
of content marketing was executed by John Deere. To strategically sell
more tractors, John Deere launched a magazine called “The Furrow” which
gave farmers advice on how to become more profitable. Some of these tips
included using John Deere farming equipment, which is how the
publication helped successfully drive sales.

Today, the internet
has made content marketing one of the most effective ways to reach a
lot of people quickly – and without spending a lot of money. Examples of
digital content marketing include:

– Informative websites
– Social media accounts

– Social posts
– Blogs

– e-Books
– Infographics
– Web videos