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The term blog is actually short for weblog. A blog is basically a series of posts uploaded by one or several authors. If a blog has only one author, it is known as a personal blog. If it has multiple authors, it is a collaborative blog. is an example of a personal blog
– it features hundreds of self-development articles written by Steve Pavlina. is an example of a collaborative blog
– it consists of numerous articles and posts about celebrity gossip. These posts are professionally written by a large number of writers and journalists.
Such a blog is typically updated multiple times a day. If a blog consists of a series of videos instead of textual posts, it is known as a vlog (video log). A Youtube channel is an example of a vlog.

Blogging became hugely popular in the late ninetees. Blogs provided a voice to the common man and this had a tremendous impact on mainstream culture and politics.

Blogging serves as an excellent way of building relationships with a number of people from all over the globe. Blogs have huge potential for monetization –
many people have quit their day jobs and adopted the blogging/vlogging lifestyle!