About us

When I first got into ‘Internet Marketing’ I made all the classic ‘newbie’ mistakes.

Choosing inferior software tools, spending too much money on ‘shiny products’ without any real plans or goals.

About Web Income Magazine
Being so distracted by the many different areas of ‘Internet Marketing’, and hadn’t picked one speciality.

I was hungry for success, but everything was being done half hearted.

I remember thinking how great it would be if there was a website that guided me to success, that I could trust.
So many years later Web Income Magazine was born and is meant for ‘newbies’ who want to fast forward through to the advanced level, by first choosing a speciality, and learning everything they can to master their craft.
To find tools, strategies and options for making their dreams come true as an online marketer.
We will always give honest reviews of new product launches, to find the very best quality courses and software, and warn you against the products to steer clear of.

We value your contribution, so ask you to comment on posts, provide valuable suggestions, and contact us when you need some research done, that the community could benefit from.